Mission of More

a youth-led organization dedicated toward service and awareness about contemporary topics and issues within adoption

Proving Worthiness.

Supporting Resilience.

Celebrating Individuality.

Inspiring Perseverance.

Vision of More

As societal awareness increases, perspective should too.

Starting with the youth, who have the power to change the world as the world's future leaders, The Made of More Project is ready to give the pen to the youth to amplify their voices. Our goal is to provide "more" perspectives on various topics within society.

We envision, an educated and nuanced generation that is not only mindful of the world they live in, but themselves. By promoting the importance of self care and mental health, we envision they, as individuals, are "made of more" and can accomplish "more."

Through the increased awareness about the plethora of contemporary topics that are applicable to the adoption narrative, we can identify connections and increase perspective. Our dedication to service and proper understanding of the adoption community will foster a future where adoption is understood from all angles and stereotypes are broken.


In 2018, Avia created Made of Love Not Genes as her personal platform within the Miss America Scholarship Organization that was incorporated into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at the end of 2019. In order to capture the true worth of the adoption community and focus on the importance of mental health, a rebranding of the organization was made to truly define the mission.